Vacuum gauge

Vacuum Gauge Controllers and Cables
VGC40x Product FamilyThe INFICON controllers offer superior accuracy and reliability in a compact design, enabling simple system integration along with a single point of access for multiple pressure readings across the complete range of measurement technologies. A full range of INFICON cables are available to facilitate ease of integration.
Our range comprises a single channel low cost gauge display, through to a range of single, dual and three channel multi functional economical controllers. The illuminated multi-digit display indicates each channel and up to six integrated set points, independently. Each channel can be used independently or combined with other channels to enable optimum price to performance ratio over the complete vacuum range, with minimal integration.

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Wide Range Vacuum Gauges
PCG_PSG55x-gross Product Family2The INFICON wide range vacuum gauges offer superior accuracy and reliability in compact designs. Four physical technologies cover the whole range of vacuum from ultra-high vacuum up to atmosphere.
The INFICON Pirani technology enables cost effective measurement in the low and medium vacuum range. The INFICON miniature capacitance diaphragm technology enables precise measurement in the low vacuum range, whereas the ultra- and high-vacuum ranges are covered by the hot or cold ionization technologies.
Each measurement technology is available as a stand-alone sensor or combined with complementary measurement technologies to enable optimum price to performance ratio over the complete vacuum range.

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High Precision Vacuum Gauges
Precision vacuum measurement from 0.1mTorr to 2 bar
BAG402INFICON ceramic capacitance diaphragm gauges (CDG) are designed for demanding, highest accuracy (0.15%) applications in the vacuum industries. The corrosion resistant ultra pure alumina sensor guarantees superior performance and best long term span stability, high accuracy and years of maintenance free life time. INFICON offers a full line of CDGs starting with low priced Porter status gauges, ranging to world fastest CDG Stripe with less than 1ms measuring time, 200°C process gauges or the reference gauge Cube showing excellent stability. A large selection of flanges and interfaces, for example EtherCAT, make them the best choice for easy and cost effective integration.
Compact and rugged vacuum and differential pressure switches round up the product offering.


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